The Willy Law


This page has been created in hopes of changing the State of Virginia's Law on Grandparent Rights. The State of Virginia says " that if one parent is deceased, it is the constitutional right of the living parent to make the fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care, custody and control of the children. The Grandparents must establish that the grandchild's health and welfare would be harmed if visitation were denied. Admittedly, this would be difficult to do." Even when you spend thousand of dollars on a lawyer to try and fight the parent, the judges hands are still tied, with no help in seeing the grandchild.

Please read the "About" on the top of this page, and see what my family has endured over the last year. We ask that if you agree with our views, that you sign the Guest Book to be used a petition against the state of Virginia to change the Grandparent Rights Law. I am calling this
"The Willy Law". Please help in getting this matter, not only for us, but for all Grandparents, national attention, to get this Law changed.

****To sign the petition, please go to the Guest Page, Scroll to the bottom, sign and hit send******


Willy and Hunter July 2011.


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